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Beauty horoscope: manicure by the zodiac sign

  • Posted 1 year ago

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, you always want to personalize your manicure. So why not use your zodiac sign as a guide when choosing a nail design? You’ll find that the new art will be your good luck charm.

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The multi-faceted nature of this sign of the zodiac could not be better reflected in the color manicure. Why limit yourself to one shade, when you can use five at once?

photo @overglowedit


The sensible nature of Taurus is best emphasized by the minimalist manicure. In order not to be completely bored, masters suggest diversifying it with a delicate coating with sequins.

photo @violette_fr


Creative and inquisitive Gemini is best suited to the color “chess” manicure. Who would have thought that the bright cage looks so stylish on the nails?

photo @betina_goldstein


Cancers tend to be very responsive and emotional. A delicate manicure in the red and pink range symbolizes their soft character.

photo @styleidealist


For the strong and confident Leo, masters prepared something unexpected – a “mirror” shimmering manicure, which instantly attracts attention.

photo @paintboxnails


Virgo is characterized by excessive perfectionism, attention to detail, and pathological honesty. Manicure of “good girl” – neat reverse French – will be perfectly suitable for them.

photo @harrietwestmoreland


The charm and romanticism of the representatives of this sign could not be better reflected in the pink French French with metallic effect. It is bright, modern and very stylish.

photo @paintboxnails


It is difficult to surprise the impertinent nature of Scorpio. Perhaps a manicure with flashy lightning, which recently occurred a real boom in the social networks.

photo @houseofladymuck


A glittery holographic finish is perfect for freedom-loving Sagittarians. Thanks to the shimmering shimmer it seems as funny and lively as the representatives of this sign themselves.

photo @paintedbyjools_


Loyal, practical, a little stubborn… Perhaps it is difficult to imagine anything more suitable for Capricorn than a combination of burgundy with a highlighted hole. It looks very understated, but also very creative.

photo @nataliemckeough


Manicure designs for Aquarius are inspired by wispy clouds. They represent the lightness and independence of the air sign, and just look very original on the nails.

photo @klaudiacloud


A delicate pink nail design created with an airbrush will suit the vulnerable by nature Pisces. Complement this manicure with large rings – and get a stylish image in the spirit of kidcore.

photo @overglowedit