Odin Heimdall

Lava on the nails: the 'thermal' manicure – a hot trend from social media

  • Posted 1 year ago

Recently, every new manicure trend is more creative than the last. The 3D manicure is particularly popular now, which involves a kind of play on the imagination. You have to admit, painted lava on your nails looks just like the real thing.

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A new kind of acid manicure is gaining popularity on Instagram, imitating red-hot lava on the nails. If you take a close look at such a design in dynamics, you’ll notice that the shimmering effect is actually nothing more than a trick of the eye.

photo @amyelainenails

In fact, there are no shimmery or holographic coatings to create any kind of animation in this nail art. The manicure appears voluminous solely due to the clever combination of nail polishes.

Of course, if you don’t have an artistic background, it’s best to leave the creation of a thermal manicure to a professional. A professional will find a suitable colour palette and make the pattern as realistic as possible.