Odin Heimdall

Give up makeup: a water-only beauty routine

  • Posted 1 year ago

Half the battle for beautiful skin lies in what kind of water you wash your face with. No, we do not offer you to pour mineral water over your face. But to give up the gels, foams and tonics strongly recommend– at least as an experiment.

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The trend for beauty minimalism does not give up positions. Beauty experts and dermatologists unanimously agree that the fewer care products you use, the better. Of course, this stance is due to the eco-movement, among other things; in the pandemic, many people have stopped doing a lot of beautifying. But the main message of refusing unnecessary cosmetics is still to take care of yourself and your skin.

Many users of the Web have not only limited their care to a minimum but also began to organize themselves cosmetic diets, during which they are satisfied with just water. Followers of The Water-Only Beauty Routine began to observe paradoxical changes to the face: some managed to defeat acne, while others began to notice that their skin became less reactive.

Of course, we can’t do without the usual gels and creams. After all, cleansing, toning and moisturizing work on the long term: if you completely abandon them, you can get premature wrinkles, pigmentation and a new batch of acne (and hello again, acne!). But it is still worthwhile to review the number of steps in your beauty ritual and arrange a detox week. If the water in your area is hard, you may wash your face with micellar water only, and then wash it with plain filtered water. This same handy trick is also good for those who cannot do without makeup. How often should people allow themselves to take a break from makeup? There is no definite answer, so consult a dermatologist before throwing away all your cosmetic riches.