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What hair treatments will be popular in 2022: expert opinion

  • Posted 1 year ago

If in 2021 everyone actively used keratin straightening, Botox, and “happiness for the hair”, what trends in salon care procedures are waiting for us in 2022? About what products we will use in the coming year and what trends will appear, told a specialist in hair reconstruction.

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Hair frosting

The latest trend in the beauty industry is naturalness. No false eyelashes, no well-defined eyebrows, no makeup that looks like a mask. The main thing is naturalness and natural accents. This also applies to the area of hair reconstruction. They should no longer lie flat, be straight and smooth. And I recommend to the owners of curly and frizzy hair not to hurry to the wizard for the familiar procedures of keratin straightening or Botox.

Hair frosting or restoration of the natural curl, a wave of hair is already in demand and will definitely become one of the top most popular procedures in 2022.

Hair frosting is not chemistry or perm, but rather a spa treatment for the hair. The essence of the procedure is that the hair is applied to specially selected cosmetics, which moisturizes and deeply nourishes, helping to restore and create a structure to frizzy, unruly, and porous hair. With proper home care and blow-drying, the effect of the treatment lasts up to three months.

Scalp peeling

One of the main favorites in the next year will certainly be peeling. Many girls pay great attention to purifying the skin of the face but somehow forget about the scalp. If your hair is falling out quickly, then first of all I recommend you to see a trichologist and take some tests. And if there is dandruff and increased greasiness at the roots, it means that the exfoliation of the skin is disturbed.

The peeling procedure is aimed at cleansing the scalp from the accumulation of chemical products and styling products. It regulates the sebaceous glands, cleanses the growth channels, solves the problem of dandruff, dryness, and greasiness, prevents hair loss. Peeling is suitable for absolutely everyone. After the procedure, the scalp is saturated with vitamins, greasiness is reduced, which will allow you to wash your hair less often.

No special preparation for the procedure is required. You can visit the solarium, swimming pool, bath, and sauna. If there are any rashes, irritations, or acne on the scalp, your masters will individually select the products, and if there are really serious problems, they will send you to the doctor.

Treatments before the sea

The sea, the sun, and the water are our best friends. But are they for our hair? Saltwater, wind, high temperatures, and the sun’s rays have a negative effect on their condition. But a lot of people don’t realize that before going on vacation our hair needs to be moisturized, nourished, and revitalized.

Special spa care will help to protect hair from UV rays and keep the necessary moisture for them. In addition, procedures before a trip to the sea significantly improve the appearance of hair, and thus on vacation, you won’t have to worry much about the styling. It is recommended to adjust the usual care during the vacation and to take special products, for example – a spray for hair with a label UV, which minimizes the damage from the effects of the active sun.

For those who often go to the sea, it is necessary to use special non-aggressive shampoos that wash out harmful impurities contained in tap or saltwater, thereby protecting the hair from dryness. And after using them, you can also color or tone your hair and not be afraid to get an unwanted shade.

If you ignored the recommendations of care before and during the vacation when you return you will have to work hard enough to return your hair to its former appearance. The main ways to reconstruct your hair after the sea is through gentle care and moisturizing.

Liners before keratin and botox treatments

The breakthrough of the current year and certainly a trend of the coming year will be undercoats before hot keratin and botox treatments. The idea is that before keratin is applied on previously washed hair master applies a special composition mask, which is maintained for 15-20 minutes under the heat cap so that the cosmetics can penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair. This technique allows the hair to be filled with missing components, nourished, and moisturized.

After the liner treatment, we can proceed to the keratin straightening process that creates an invisible protective film on the hair that smoothes the surface and seals the damage. There are no contraindications to spa treatments and undercoats, and keratin or Botox is not done if you have allergies, pregnancy, lactation period, and individual intolerance to the components.