Odin Heimdall

"Italian bob": another interpretation of the fashionable haircut

  • Posted 1 year ago

It seems that soon we will be able to compete in the differences of different versions of the bob haircut. The latest variation on the theme is inspired by Italian-style icons and involves an unusual texture.

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“Italian bob” is perhaps the most glamorous version of it. The key feature of the haircut lies in the texture: it must be perfectly smooth while allowing for light volume and elements of “French” styling.

“The beauty of this haircut is its versatility,” says Seán Paul Nother, founder of The Hair Bros. Monica Bellucci’s favorite hairstyle is truly a “transformer”: at this length, you can split it or tuck it behind the ears.

However, if you want to “play by the rules”, do not overdo the styling: although the texture can be natural, you should avoid the “beach waves” effect. Remember that hair, first and foremost, should look well-groomed and shiny.