Odin Heimdall

5 ways to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes

  • Posted 1 aasta ago

Identifying the specific reason why you have dark circles is incredibly difficult. It’s much easier to camouflage them with concealer, or better yet, get rid of black eye circles during the grooming phase.

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1. Black tea bag patches

In fact, any tea, when applied topically, reduces inflammation and helps relieve swelling. Due to the fact that the drink is rich in caffeine, it is an excellent vasoconstrictor. Leave a used bag of black tea for 10 to 15 minutes, and you will see that the veins in the area around the eyes are less noticeable.

2. Sleeping upright

You’d be surprised, but many people, if not sleeping in a horizontal position, are definitely lying unevenly. In order to “fix” the correct sleeping position, simply place another pillow under your head. This trick will help prevent swelling, which is often accompanied by puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

3. Ice

Now everyone says that the most effective remedy against bags under the eyes is cucumber slices. However, believe our humble editorial experience, ice copes with this task much better. Similar to cryotherapy, ice cubes reduce inflammation and solve the problem of puffy eyes in just a few minutes.

4. Arnica

What ingredient to look for in a product if you suffer from dark circles? First of all, arnica extract. This herb is often recommended for bruises and muscle pains for a reason: it improves blood circulation, due to which it helps to remove excess fluid from the body, which gives the eyes a puffy look.

5. Raw potatoes

Another “cucumber” analogue is potato slices. Vegetable patches are especially good for those who have any pigmentation in the area around the eyes. Due to the content of catecholase, an enzyme that oxidizes to a benzoquinone derivative (known for its brightening properties) on contact with air, the potato fights dark circles and spots with flying colors.