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3 best practices: What mascara to choose if you have oily skin?

  • Posted 1 aasta ago

For the past few days, the temperature in most regions of Europe has been consistently above 20°C. In this heat, any skin will begin to shine and makeup will float. This time it is especially difficult for those with naturally oily skin – even to put on eyelashes, you need to arm yourself with a number of tricks and lotions.

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Many makeup artists advise applying mascara first and then make up the rest of your face. Forget it! Mascara should always be applied last, especially if you have oily skin. It’s trivial physiology: during the time you’re applying shade and blush, your eyes are constantly moving (or at least blinking) – so the mascara will smudge and leave imprints on your upper eyelids. Of course, you can arm yourself with a cotton swab, but the lashes themselves won’t look as spectacular.

Choosing your mascara

Ideal for you is a mascara with microfiber. Not only can it help to visually increase lashes, but it will also be more durable because of the special kind of wax in its composition. But we don’t recommend experimenting with waterproof mascaras, because their formulas are very different from classic mascaras and they’re only for special occasions, so they can dry your lashes. It’s better to get acquainted with thermal mascaras – the most resistant fighters, which are easily washed off at a certain temperature.

A warm welcome

On hot days, it’s best to reassure yourself and use a primer before applying mascara. If you have very oily skin or if you want the product to last at least until midnight, powder your lashes a bit after this step. This tip is a favorite of all makeup artists, and it will not only make your makeup last longer, but it will also make your lashes look noticeably thicker.