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Billie Eilish announces the release of her first perfume

  • Posted 1 year ago

A new star has lit up in the cosmetic firmament: singer Billie Eilish announced the launch of her own perfume brand and has already presented her first creation. The composition of Eilish turned out very warm and moderately sweet.

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The quality of the products of many celebrity brands is so high that they can quite compete with the heavy luxury. This November, singer Billie Eilish enters the beauty game and decides to launch her cosmetics with a signature fragrance.

Eilish Perfume Water maintains an unabashedly gourmet direction. An intense vanilla note starts off, followed by tonka bean, cocoa, and musk. The note is a cozy composition that wraps you up like a warm cashmere sweater.

“I had the idea of creating a fragrance a million years ago. I’ve always dreamt about it,” says Billie Eilish. The singer admits that she even visualized her author’s perfume, figuring in her head how the sweet notes would be combined with the woody accent.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown whether the fragrance will be presented in Europe. But in any case, we congratulate Billie on her entry into the beauty arena and wish her further success in this field.