Odin Heimdall

Dreams come true: Ariana Grande announces the launch of her cosmetics brand

  • Posted 1 year ago

Western celebrities continue to take over the beauty industry. Following Jennifer Aniston, singer Ariana Grande has announced the launch of her cosmetics line. What can we expect from the new R.E.M. Beauty brand?

Ariana Grande has already established herself as a good perfumer. Almost all of her fragrances are instant bestsellers, and some have even won prestigious perfume awards. But the singer decided not to rest on her laurels and started thinking seriously about creating a full-fledged cosmetics brand.

Thunder Road, Inc. filed a trademark application for several R.E.M. Beauty beauty products in March this year. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the new brand will definitely include eye shadow, lipstick, highlighter, eyeliner, and brow gel.


In addition, Grande recently set up official accounts for her cosmetics brand across all social media, where so far only one welcome video has been posted. On the official R.E.M. Beauty website, there’s only the phrase ‘Where your beauty dreams become reality’.

Frankly, we’re very intrigued by this haze of mystery. But hopefully, very soon Arina will present her must-have beauty creations to the world.