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Around the finger: how to properly care for tattoos on the hands

  • Posted 1 год ago

Not only does the fashion for tattoos not go away, but it takes on more and more new directions. Now most fashionable influencers have fingers studded not only with rings, but also with drawings.

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Today stars are ready to use even their own fingers for self-expression – Twitter is not enough anymore. Surely many have already been moved by the tattoo of fashion-blogger Chiara Ferragni’s favorite pug on her index finger or admired the subtle and super stylish patterns on Hailey Bieber’s fingers. The rose outline on Demi Lovato’s pinky finger, the inscriptions on Ariana Grande’s brushes, Rita Ora’s intricate badges… There are a huge number of stars who have tattooed on their fingers. No wonder that their fans, and just wishing to be in the trend, also dream to get something similar.

What are the features of the tattoo on the fingers

We must immediately note that people are all, of course, different, but in areas where there is little subcutaneous tissue, the pain sensations are usually more pronounced. So, for example, happens with the tattoo in the area of the ribs and, respectively, on the fingers.

The process of healing a tattoo on the phalanges has its own nuances. Fingers – a very mobile part of the hand with joints and folds, and the pigment is held there with difficulty. That is why experts recommend to apply the figure in their upper part, so that the healing took place quickly, and the tattoo itself has not lost its brightness quickly.

After applying the tattoo, experts recommend washing your hands at least three times a day with a mild detergent (preferably liquid odorless hypoallergenic soap) to avoid germs that can settle on the piece and not irritate the skin. And in addition to the healing ointment, which will advise the tattoo-master, use a moisturizer, not allowing the skin to dry out in the place of the drawing.

In addition to antiseptic, healing and moisturizing agents, some tattoo artists advise the use of cosmetic products that repair the skin barrier. Valuable substances contained in them, such as centella asiatica extract, niacinamide, lipids and other components will soothe and strengthen the hand skin. This recommendation is especially useful if the tattoo is very itchy while healing, and there is a risk to ruin the entire work of the master. In some cases you can use a special hydrogel dressing.

How to keep a tattoo beautiful

The quality of skin depends on each individual area – it differs from place to place. In this regard, New York-based tattoo artist Ron Mohr notes: “The skin between your fingers is particularly poor at retaining ink,” so you have to be prepared for the tattoo to fade quickly and constantly correct the result. Besides, hands are exposed to negative external influences all the time, detergents and ultra-violet can also worsen the appearance of the tattoo. Hands are constantly open, exposed to sunlight, from which the pigment begins to fade.

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