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Soft Girl makeup: 9 steps to a trendy look

  • Posted 1 год ago

This make-up needs to be repeated if you are registered with TikTok.

Generation Z continues to amaze us with new subcultures that are taking over social media. Among them is a soft-girl — a fairy on Instagram. This image embodies innocence and positivity. Soft-girls appeared thanks to TikTok, where everyone is trying to draw attention to their account. At the same time, soft-girls chose a different path — they prefer a pastel palette of shades that denies any vulgarity or aggression.

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Soft girls also like to call themselves “kids”, “princesses” and “angels”. Lovely girls who love to hang out on TikTok adore pink and expressive makeup. But unlike the theatrical makeup of e-girls, their make-up can and should be repeated in everyday life.

1. Blush

In a soft-girl cosmetic bag, the most important product is blush. It is this beauty tool that is able to create the canonical image of a soft girl. The blush can be pale pink or peach. It is important to use blush not only on the “apples” of the cheeks, but also on the cheekbones (sometimes, to complement the delicate look, soft-girls even use them on the nose or apply instead of shadows). By the way, a frequent technique that these girls use is a total pink look, that is, they choose clothes, accessories and cosmetics for makeup exclusively in pink tones.

Photo: @zeronikib

2. Shadows

Pink or purple eyeshadows will fit perfectly into the overall style. Ideal if you choose a product with a slight shimmer. Do not forget — so that when choosing such shades your eyes do not seem tear-stained, be sure to emphasize the lash line of the upper eyelid with a soft eyeliner. Not to be confused with eyeliner — you need to draw in all the gaps between the eyelashes. You can also add glitter to your eye makeup to make your eyes shine.

Photo: @aestheticclub

3. Arrows

This is a must-have for a soft-girl make-up that will help complete your eye makeup. It is important that the arrows look feminine and gentle, not aggressive. Short retro arrows with a small curved tip are ideal for this. If you want to preserve the sophistication and romance of the image, thin, neat arrows will do (they can be drawn from the middle of the century, and not from the beginning, as we all are used to). However, keep in mind that you should always choose arrows based on shape of the eyes.

Photo: @abigelic

4. Eyelashes

To make your lashes appear thicker, you can curl them with a special eyelash curler before applying mascara. It is important not to use this tool when the eyes are already painted, otherwise the eyelashes can be easily damaged. If you wish, you can use false eyelashes for an even more expressive look.

Photo: @uwu.soft.swirl

5. Highlighter

If e-girl makeup is characterized by a matte skin tone, then soft-girls prefer to shine. That is why you cannot do without a white, pink or peach highlighter.

By the way, the favorite trend of these girls is to show the transformation from an ordinary girl into a shining soft-girl. To literally “light up” the face in the photo, you can not spare the highlighter. Use it on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the tip, in the corners of the eyes, above the arch of Cupid. You can also add a highlighter under the eyebrow and apply over the lip gloss.

Photo: @helenariot

6. Lip gloss

No matte lipsticks. Only lip gloss. It can be either transparent or pink. The main thing is that its radiance can be seen from afar. To add volume to your lips, you can first outline them with a pencil, going slightly beyond the natural contour.

Photo: @mymoon_home

7. Eyebrows

Unlike other youth trends, soft-girls do not paint their lips in bright colors. The exception is pink or peach shades. They give the eyebrows a clear, graphic shape so that they stand out better in the photo. To do this, “soft girls” brush their hair with a special brush, and then fix their shape with eyebrow pomade.

Photo: @LadeeKiki

8. Tattoo stamps

Soft-girls like to use tattoo stamps — temporary tattoos in the shape of hearts, clouds or stars. The soft aesthetic is filled with pink butterflies and unicorns. Soft-girls do not hesitate to use elements in their looks that may seem childish to some, such as attributes with Hello Kitty.

Photo: @444angelic

9. Freckles

Like e-girls, soft-girls often paint fake freckles on their faces.

Photo: @irlpixxie

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