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10 effective ways to make yourself drink more water

  • Posted 1 год ago

Let’s tell you how to turn water consumption into a habit. We will not tell you about the obvious: the need to consume enough water (one and a half to two liters) during the day, which prevents dehydration of the body, helps the metabolism and also gives the same effect of glowing skin.

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Despite the fact that in today’s world this information is not a secret at all, few people manage to stick to this recommendation. It would seem, though, that there is nothing difficult about it. However, the attempt to make friends with water often fails on the very first day. That’s why we have compiled for you a list of best practices that will help in this task.

1. Make a water schedule

And hang it prominently in your home. If possible, place a reminder in multiple copies – on the front door, at your home workplace, on the refrigerator. Set yourself a goal – how much you plan to consume per day and how you will help yourself stick to the plan. Draw diagrams, graphs, pluses, or checkmarks, just so you do not stray from the “righteous path”.

2. Install a mobile app

We are modern people, which means that most of the time we spend with gadgets in our hands. Why not make sure that your smartphone not only allows us to get stuck for a few hours but also controls our health. There are a lot of mobile applications that monitor the amount of liquid consumed – choose one that is convenient for you. So, for example, the application Water Tracker Reminder will not only remind you that it’s time to drink water, but also calculate its daily rate based on your physical parameters and analyze how well you adhere to the recommendations for the last week or month. Another app, Waterbalance, will take into account the effects of other liquids (like coffee or fresh fruit) on your daily water balance.

3. Set an audible reminder

On the same smartphone or smartwatch, you can easily find a program that will beep to remind you to take a few sips of water or fill a glass. And after a while you yourself will want to drink water every 20-30 minutes without additional prompting.

4. Count by hand

Let’s say you’re not too respectful of modern technology. Not to worry, a notepad and a pen will do the trick. Make a kind of “water diary,” in which you write down in detail the time and amount of liquid consumed, and analyze the reasons why today you have not managed to achieve the desired result. You can even fine or award yourself for the corresponding result of the day. Slow. But effective.

5. Drink in small sips

Don’t drink water in a gulp, as if you’ve just walked across the desert. Remember that your body can absorb no more than 200 ml of liquid in 15 minutes.

6. Don’t confuse hunger with thirst

Thirst and hunger often manifest themselves in the same way. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the satiety center in the brain is very close to the thirst center. Therefore, sometimes what could have been solved with a glass of water, we eat. We recommend in such cases to drink warm water and wait for 15 minutes. If the discomfort disappeared – bingo – the body required water, not calories.

7. Variety in your diet

Drinking only water can be tiring. To resist the temptation to add more tea or coffee to your diet, add lemon, orange, cucumber, frozen or fresh berries, mint, rosemary, or ginger to your water. This will not only help refresh your drink and make it more appealing to look at, but also add vitamins to your diet.

8. Drink water after you go to the bathroom

Make it your law to “give and compensate.” Refill your water supply whenever you go to the bathroom.

9. Challenge yourself

Set yourself a personal #i_drink_water_challenge. Write a post on social media in which you publicly admit that you’re committing to developing a water habit in 21 or 45 days. Or have a friend make a wager with you. The solid amount of money you lose by not keeping your promise will be the perfect incentive to win.

10. Take a bottle of water with you to work

Preferably the most uncomfortable, at least two liters. Carry it with you literally everywhere you go. Aim to be able to drain it before you leave your workplace. The bottle will give you a certain discomfort so that you will not want to take it home.

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