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10 unusual pastel manicure options if you are tired of the classics

  • Posted 1 год ago

In winter, we, as a rule, intuitively, change the neon in manicure to pastel or deep shades. But this does not mean that you should abandon interesting nail trends in favor of dark shades.

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To help you make the right choice in the salon next time, we have prepared a selection of art manicures, each of which will catch the eye.

1. Toffee nails

Influencers choose toffee. Only not in the form of milk candies, but in a varnish shade: toffee nails have come into fashion. Manicure in coffee and creamy tones became popular thanks to the famous master Tom Bachik, whose clients include Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie. This particular type of coating is already called “new black”, that is, one that will suit almost everything. Start with the classic toffee nails — coat your nails with five shades of brown polish ranging from chocolate to baked milk. Then you can start coming up with your own variations.

Photo: @cosmreviews

2. Milky nails

Another “tasty” trend, which involves coloring nails in all shades of beige (like milkshakes, after which the trend is named), is easy to repeat and looks very stylish and wintery. Get inspired and repeat.

Photo: @glamourgoal

3. Matte finish

If you are tired of the classic glossy finish, we recommend taking a closer look at the matte option. You can choose any shade of varnish. Note that such a manicure has a particularly stylish look on short or medium-long nails.

Photo: @alina_frendiy

4. Shiny stripes

This nail trick is one of the most relevant in the new season. Thin golden or silver stripes can be placed on the nails as fantasy wishes. Your manicure will be discreet, but at the same time, attract with a mysterious shine.

Photo: @alina_frendiy

5. White minimalism

To create a total white look, a minimalistic white manicure would be ideal. Hurry up to visit the solarium, because the white nail design will look more expressive against the background of tanned skin.

Photo: @tanyaprentkovych

6. Bubble-gum

If you are looking for a manicure idea that will suit everything at the same time and will become a bright accent of your look, rely on a pink bubble gum nail design. Such a manicure with a light taste of the fashionable 2000s is suitable for nails of any length and shape — pink is one of the most versatile shades, along with nude and red (if we talk about manicure and pedicure).

The trendy bubble-gum manicure has already been tried on by stylish bloggers on Instagram, now it’s your turn.

Photo: @lemanoir

7. Marble

This nail trick has remained relevant since last season. It is discreet, gentle, but at the same time makes the manicure original. In order not to overdo it, make only one or two nails on a hand with a marble effect.

Photo: @g.bar.kiev

8. Shimmer

For those who are not ready to give up glitters, we recommend taking a closer look at varnishes with a shimmer effect. Small or large glitter on nails will shine from afar and attract the attention of others.

Photo: @fashionablykay

9. Geometry

Circles, stripes, various ornaments and patterns — winter 2020 about experiments. This is a great manicure option for New Year’s Eve, especially for girls who want to stand out from the crowd and prefer a stylish trouser suit or jumpsuit to a classic dress.

Photo: @g.bar.kiev

10. French in a new way

Fashion never ceases to amaze with its cyclical nature. Another trend from the 90s — French manicure — has returned to us in 2020. If you recall the history, then the jacket was born in the distant 70s thanks to the actress Barbra Streisand, and is already experiencing the third wave of popularity.

But if in the 70s and 00s beauties did not change the nude base and the white jacket, then today the options for French manicure cannot be called trivial. For example, Bella Hadid opted for neon, while Kylie Jenner ditched the classic white crescent in favor of a bright pink.

Photo: @betina_goldstein

And although the classic pink and white jacket is still in trend, we suggest trying something new and saving some unusual options for yourself before going to the salon, for example, in warm nude shades.

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