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Manicure at home: tools, types, and instructions

  • Posted 1 год ago

Almost every modern girl takes care of the grooming and beauty of her hands. Many women regularly visit beauty salons, however, such a pleasure is not cheap. To make your nails look neat, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can put them in order by performing a manicure at home. What devices and materials for this will be needed, what stages the procedure consists of, as well as which designs are now the most popular, you will learn by reading this article.

What is required

Consider what you need to do your own manicure at home:

  • sharp manicure scissors;
  • file;
  • nippers;
  • scapula or orange stick;
  • knipsers;
  • polishing buff;
  • cuticle softener;
  • bath with warm water;
  • means for degreasing the nail plate;
  • moisturizing cream.

To independently make the right manicure at home, it is important to responsibly approach the preparation process. Consider it step by step. First of all, if there is an old coating, it should be removed by removing it with a special solution. After this, you should get rid of the dead particles of the skin. The final stage of preparation is surface leveling and sawing.

To give shape to brittle nails, it is better to choose a glass nail file, which is the least traumatic. Owners of a strong nail plate can use metal. To get rid of minor irregularities and grooves, you should use a fine-grained buff.

Step by step how to do a manicure at home.

  1. First of all, you need to sanitize your hands and tools. Treat the skin with an antiseptic, and the work surface and materials with a disinfectant.
  2. Place your hands in a bath of warm water to soften the cuticle. It is recommended to add iodine to the water to strengthen the plate.
  3. After 7-10 minutes, check if the cuticle has steamed. To do this, hold a wooden spatula along its edge, moving it to the hole. If it is easily deformed, proceed to the removal with scissors, a milling cutter, or nippers. If there are barbs, they should be removed with nail scissors. It is strictly forbidden to pull out burrs.
  4. Based on the individual structure of the nail plate, give it a suitable shape with a nail file.
  5. Degrease the nails, preparing for coating.


There are several main varieties and each has its own characteristics

How to do a classic manicure
After sawing the nails, the hands are placed in a bath of water, into which a softening solution is added. After softening the cuticle, a remover is applied to it, which contributes to loosening and removal of keratinized particles. Then it is trimmed with wire cutters.

It differs in that after applying the remover, the cuticle is not removed with scissors or nippers, but simply pushed back with an orange stick or pusher. In this case, one should not forget about the need to clean out pterygium. The technique is the least traumatic, as it completely eliminates the use of cutting devices.

Best suited for owners of dry and thin skin. After sawing the plate, the hands are lowered into hot water with a special creamy product that helps soften the skin and restore water balance. Then the cuticle is removed with scissors.

How to make nails at home

After steaming and removing pterygium, a small layer of mineral paste is applied to the nail plate. The technique is known for the possibility of strengthening the nail as soon as possible. The applied coating is fixed using polishing powder, which creates a perfect highlight. It is recommended to repeat the above steps once every two weeks.

Most often, a European manicure is performed for children, not involving the use of cutting devices. However, if the baby has barbs, they are removed with nail scissors.

It is carried out by a machine with a milling cutter. The technique makes it possible to avoid micro-cracks, and the result remains noticeable for 2-3 weeks.

The difference from the machine is that with special nozzles only keratinized skin on the lateral ridges and pterygium is removed. The cuticle itself is removed without an apparatus, but with the help of a remover. When making a combined manicure for a man, one should also additionally polish the plate.

How to learn to do manicure with gel polish

You must first decide what type of coverage you want. You can make well-groomed nails with a beautiful design both with ordinary varnish and using gel polish.

If everything is very clear with the first option — after the preparatory procedures described above it is enough to simply apply the varnish and wait for it to dry, without the lamp. That second method is more complicated. Consider the main secrets and subtleties and figure out how to make shellac with a lamp.

In addition to the standard set of gel polish hardening tools, a UV lamp is also required. After preparing the nail plate, the sequence of actions will be as follows:

  1. Application of the base product and its drying in the lamp for 2 minutes.
  2. Application of the desired shade of gel polish in two layers and their thorough drying.
  3. Design creation (optional).
  4. Overlapping with a top and “sealing” the outer edge. The finish layer is dried in the lamp for 2 minutes.

Popular designs

The most popular are the following options, which are suitable for both long and short nails:

  • cat’s eye;
  • with foil;
  • with a rub;
  • with foam;
  • mirror;
  • matte;
  • sliders
  • lunar;
  • ombre.

By choosing one of the above ideas, you are guaranteed to be in line with the latest and fashion trends. For beginners, simple designs are best suited that do not take much time and effort.

To better understand how to create one or another design, you can see life hacks, as well as photos and video tutorials. If you doubt the duration of the wear of any varnish, it is recommended to read reviews about it beforehand.

How to do pedicures at home

Although most girls pay attention to the neatness and beauty of their hands, few people follow foot care. But in the summer, when all fashionistas prefer open shoes and sandals, a pedicure or its absence is immediately evident.

Proper pedicure involves not only shaping and staining the nails, but also treating the entire foot, including the heels. The following basic methods exist for foot care:

  1. Liquid blade. This tool is an innovation in the field of cosmetology and allows you to completely remove the keratinized layer of the skin, corns, and old corns. After steaming the skin of the legs, you need to apply an acid scrub on it and wrap the feet with cling film. After 30 minutes, proceed to exfoliate the loose layers of the epidermis.
  2. Grater. After steaming the feet in hot water for 10-15 minutes, remove dead skin particles with a grater. After finishing, apply moisturizer to the feet.

The rest of the recommendations on how to do the pedicure are the same as the manicure procedure. It is necessary to pre-disinfect the skin, remove the cuticle and align and degrease the plate. Having finished with the preparatory phase, proceed to the direct varnishing.

Thus, in order for your nails to look neat and well-groomed, it is not necessary to regularly go to the master. Manicures and pedicures at home are a great alternative to salon procedures. Having bought a small arsenal of necessary devices and materials, you can experiment with shades and designs, creating the perfect coating.

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