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Where to go on New Year's Eve: travel expert tips

  • Posted 1 year ago

A New Year’s trip always comes with high expectations. We want an incredible holiday, bright emotions, crazy adventures that will set the tone and mood for the whole next year. What destination to choose for a New Year’s vacation?

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1. Mexico

Mexico is an extraordinary place, and winter is the perfect time to explore this country. The pleasant, not too hot weather during the winter months will allow you to experience all the sights and traditions of Mexico.

Especially rich in events in December. On the 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated – the whole country sings traditional songs and decorates houses and streets with bouquets. On the eve of Christmas is the festival of Las Posadas, from December 16 to 24, the streets are walking in processions depicting Mary and Joseph and other biblical characters. The streets are decorated with lights and piñatas, local bands play live music, and dancers entertain passersby. There are also quite secular festivals: music festivals, piñatas, and even the annual Radish Night at the end of December. But even without these big events, Mexico is great – pool parties and cocktails on the beach definitely brighten up a vacation.

photo @katya_vokina

2. Russian winter

For a real winter you have to go to the mountains, and Altai is the most popular destination in recent years. Winter in Altai is long, beautiful and snowy. Winter tours are a great way to celebrate the New Year in an interesting way.

The Sheregesh ski resort is considered one of the best in Russia because of its crisp, dry and light snow, as well as its long ski season, which lasts from November to May. There are slopes for everyone, from beginners to professionals, and even for children. There are student and music festivals, hotels for every budget and plenty of activities for those who have not yet got up to ski: skates, trikes, sleds, ice fishing, hunting, snowmobiling.

photo @olga.mukina

3. Turkey

Winter weather in Turkey is perfect for sightseeing, so you can safely plan a trip. In Cappadocia, the mountain scenery is covered with snow, and it is insanely beautiful. In winter it is warm enough for hot air ballooning, no wind and no crowds of tourists. We advise you to stay in Goreme, there are hotels in the rocks – it is an overnight stay you will not forget!

Istanbul in winter is also beautiful – there are no queues even at the most popular attractions, Hagia Sophia Cathedral and the Blue Mosque. Forget about the January sales in the malls and go to the Grand Bazaar, the place where you can find real treasures. The Grand Bazaar is the oldest and largest covered market in the world, consisting of a maze of stalls and winding alleyways that resemble Aladdin’s treasure cave. It has everything from rugs and exotic spices to Turkish teapots and traditional lamps. When all your shopping is done, stop by one of the cafes for Turkish tea and honey baklava.

photo @arontien

4. Uzbekistan

Warm and welcoming country invites tourists for a real oriental flavor and vivid experiences. In winter, the weather here is comfortable for walking, from 0 to +10 degrees Celsius. In Uzbekistan there are a lot of interesting places, each of them has its own unique character. Tashkent, the modern megalopolis, is an amazing mix of Soviet, modern and ancient oriental architecture.

Samarkand has some unique sights of the Muslim world: the tomb of Timurid dynasty Gur-Emir, the mosque of Bibi Khanim, Tamerlane’s beloved wife. Real Middle Asia awaits tourists in Bukhara – bazaars, small houses, hotels with courtyards. Some are afraid to go to Uzbekistan, but in vain – the country is easy to travel and absolutely safe, and the locals are always happy to tell tourists about the secrets of their people.

photo @random_tashkent

5. Sri Lanka

One of the favorite destinations of freelancers and remote workers for winter is open for entry, vaccinated tourists do not need quarantine. So nothing will prevent you from fully enjoying the Indian Ocean and the beautiful nature of the island. Beaches, national parks with exciting safaris, steep cliffs, those very tea plantations from the ads – here the eye truly relaxes.

In Sri Lanka, you have to be prepared for adventure and long walks. King Kashyapa’s palace at the foot of Mount Sigiriya was built in the fifth century BC and is perfectly preserved to this day. Mount Sripada is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists – according to legend, the Buddha himself climbed its peak of Adam, in honor of which a temple was built at the top. The Buddhist atmosphere of tranquility envelops the entire island, which is why tourists like to vacation there so much.

photo @ali.habib.shreim