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Which massage to choose: different approach – different effect

  • Posted 1 aasta ago

If your eyes run wide when you see a list of massages, and you are lost, what to choose, read this article. In it, we will talk about the features of popular massages and the effect that can be obtained from each of them.

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Usually, we think of massage when we feel the tension in the back, tiredness, stress, and want to relax. However, a properly selected massage can work wonders — it will help you lose weight, restore skin elasticity, and you will feel light, healthy sleep, and cheerfulness.

What is so magical about having a massage?

Manual massage techniques

Any massage, regardless of type, is the right combination of massage techniques. A professional massage therapist applies them, choosing the sequence for each client.

The main massage techniques are:

  • stroking — allows you to make contact and start heating the skin;
  • kneading is like working with dough — a masseur grabs the muscles and starts working with them, so work begins at a deeper level — cell metabolism, oxygen saturation, elimination of toxic substances;
  • vibrations — help relieve tension and eliminate muscle cramps;
  • lymphatic drainage — the massage therapist works with his hands like a pump to start the lymph nodes, and moves on to small shocks;
  • pat — speeds up blood circulation, tones the skin.

Classic massage for general wellness

Classic massage is where to start getting to know massages. The masseur intensively works with the whole body using different exposure techniques. Each session lasts 1-1.5 hours for the massage therapist to work out the whole body.

The goals of a classic massage are to get a general healing effect, stimulate tone or relax muscle cramps, improve blood circulation, and increase lymph movement. In addition, after the massage, skin color, elasticity, and tone increase.

Anti-cellulite massage to combat the “orange peel”

In the struggle of women for a beautiful body and skin without an “orange peel,” all means are good. Be sure to add anti-cellulite massage to proper nutrition, exercise, and lipolytics.

Its feature is the careful study of problem areas (hands, stomach, hips, buttocks) using special massage techniques and cosmetics: special anti-cellulite oils and creams. The massage therapist’s task is not to break up fat cells with hands, but to increase blood circulation and lymph flow in problem areas in order to start active independent burning of fat cells. That is why the sensation of proper anti-cellulite massage should not be painful. You should feel the impact, but without severe pain and bruising.

Such a massage actively removes water from the body, so you will notice a decrease in volumes immediately after the session, however, this effect must be supported by nutrition and sports.

Lymphatic drainage massage — getting rid of “excess” fluid

Do you notice puffiness in the evening and understand that 1-2 kg of excess weight is “excess fluid”? Lymphatic drainage massage will help you, the main task of which is to stimulate the work of the lymphatic zones and start the process of removing stagnant lymph along with harmful substances and toxins.

In any type of massage, the specialist uses techniques for activating the lymph flow, but in this complex, he is focused on it. Therefore, lymphatic drainage massage is often selected according to the recommendations of a specialist, and not just at the request of the client.

The result of the massage is the activation of all metabolic processes, blood circulation, the production of fibroblasts, as well as the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Such a massage will be a good addition to diets and other procedures aimed at weight loss.

Sports massage — helping muscles relax

If you play sports or your fitness program includes working out with exercise machines, you need to think about how to help your muscles relax. Sports massage enhances the effect of training and helps to avoid tightening, the appearance of “clogged” muscles, cramps and even injuries, increases stamina and body tone.

Sports massage is similar to the classic one, but it is carried out more efficiently and with an eye to working out the deep muscles of the body. The most attention is paid to the areas that have the maximum load during training.

The result of this massage is the lightness in the body, relieving tension and strength, readiness for new sports achievements.

Honey massage — remove toxins and take care of the skin

Honey massage is a combination of therapeutic and cosmetic effects. This is how natural honey works, containing more than 20 trace elements, amino acids, B vitamins, antioxidants.

During the massage, the specialist first warms the skin with strokes, and then puts honey on the palm of his hand and begins to pat intensively until the honey is completely absorbed. Further, with the help of pats, honey is absorbed into the pores, then drawn to the surface, and with it toxic substances and toxins.

Honey massage activates the metabolism at the cellular level, cleanses the skin, makes it smooth and velvety, promotes lymph outflow, blood circulation, helps strengthen blood vessels, and relieve fatigue. The richness of honey with microelements and vitamins allows it to work on the body’s immunity as a whole.

Anti-stress massage for relaxation and peace

If your main desire is to relieve stress and emotional fatigue, which, accumulating, lead to sleep disturbance and worsening of the psychological state, pay attention to anti-stress massage.

Its important feature is the surroundings: pleasant relaxing music and essential oils that affect your body and mood. The masseur selects base oils (olive, almond, jojoba oil, peach, apricot) and adds special aromas to them — lavender, chamomile, orange, lemon balm, patchouli, bergamot. Oils additionally care for the skin, give it smoothness.

The massage technique is not as intense as the classic one, but it also includes all the necessary stages of working with the body and is aimed at relieving muscle tension that occurs during stress.

Did you enjoy and relax? Went out after the massage with a new mood and strength and slept soundly that night? You have chosen the right massage and specialist.

What type of massage to choose? Decide on the basis of your tasks and the recommendations of a cosmetologist.