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"Banana" eyeliner: a retro trend that looks very modern

  • Posted 1 aasta ago

Creative eyeliners are the main accent in the makeup at the shows of the coming season. Makeup artists offer a variety of sketches, among which a special place belongs to “banana” eyeliner, inspired by the fashion of the 60s. We tell you and show you how to transfer this trend from the catwalk to your life.

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The “banana” eyeliner is associated with the iconic Twiggy looks. To repeat this makeup, apply the liner just above the crease of the eyelid– so that the line resembles an inverted fruit. To create the famous doll effect, glue bunches on the lower lashes and apply some bronze eye shadow on the moving eyelid.

photo @allanface
photo @allanface

To draw a “banana” eyeliner is much easier than the “bat” or “butterfly wing”– you can use for this purpose any liner, from the classic liquid to ordinary eyeliner.

The key advantage of this makeup is that it visually enlarges the eyes. You can complement your everyday image if you refuse false eyelashes and choose nude lipstick. Combine creative eyeliner with classic cat eyes arrows or just experiment with the color of the liner.