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What makeup will be in fashion this winter: 8 main trends

  • Posted 1 year ago

To look spectacular, this season you need to remember a few interesting makeup tricks.

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1. Gel shadows

The wet effect is now more relevant in makeup than ever, and if the dolphin skin technique seems too complicated for you, focus only on the eyes. Shadows with gel textures will help you with this. By choosing a delicate pink or peach shade, you can combine them with bright lips. While this texture is eye-catching and effective, the skin tone should be perfect.

Photo: @katiejanehughes

2. Lip gloss

For several years, matte lipsticks have been a hot trend, which has been released by almost all well-known beauty brands. But fashion is cyclical, and therefore it is not surprising that lip gloss has returned to it. They were relevant back in the 1990s, and now they are again loved by makeup gurus all over the world. Rihanna was one of the first to remember them, having released a collection of glitter of her brand Fenty Beauty– they were sold out in the shortest possible time. Such success confirms once again that the new is the well-forgotten old.

Thanks to the improved formula, the new generation of gloss is less sticky and more durable than its predecessors. There is reason to believe that in 2021 the demand for them will grow: according to a report from Pinterest, the number of searches for glossy makeup (makeup using lip gloss and eyelids) increased by 89%.

Photo: @fentybeauty

3. Monochrome

One-color makeup was discussed back in 2017, but this season the trend has gone beyond the catwalks and red carpet. Pink lips and blush, peach eyeshadow and gloss, smoky eyes and burgundy lipstick are perhaps the most popular combinations of winter 2020.

Photo: @tyronmachhausen

4. Straight eyebrows

The trend for crisp graphic eyebrows is definitely a thing of the past. Beauty trends are significantly influenced by the Asian market, so now straight eyebrows and soft in drawing have become more relevant. An active lifestyle dictates the fashion for a simple and natural face design. Accordingly, we began to use fewer eyebrow products, leaving priority to the gel – colored or transparent. The procedure for permanent fixation of eyebrow hairs is also gaining popularity.

Photo: @evgeniya_yanysheva

5. Eye decor

2020 was the year when glitter migrated from holiday makeup to daily makeup. This season, makeup artists are turning our attention to different decoration options for eye makeup: metallic shadows, rhinestones, feathers and even tattoo-style drawings. The main thing is that your beauty image is remembered by others.

Photo: @donni.davy

6. Dewy skin

If a few seasons ago the effect of wet hair was in fashion, then in this everyone was talking about wet skin (dewy skin). Those looking for instant results can mimic this moisture with makeup products such as highlighter, luminizer and primer. Achieve long-lasting effect with care, focusing on deep hydration. The Korean trend Cloud skin became consonant with dewy skin – a fashion for smooth, noticeably moisturized and almost transparent, like a cloud, skin.

Photo: @nikki_makeup

7. Color graphics

Do not rush to hide the bright eyeliners that you used in the summer: they will come in handy. Instead of inertia to display the classic arrows, do some colored strokes on the eyelids, highlight the corners of the eyes with a neon liner, or repeat the triangular tails of the arrows.

Experiment with textures and techniques: glitter eyeliner can draw a shiny arc over the eye, a white matte liner for clouds like Jules from Euphoria, or a straight line like makeup artist Patrick Ta.

Photo: @diane.kendal

8. Maxi pink

The sheer background and deep pink lipstick are a classic combo that’s hard to miss. Choose the technique and tools taking into account the desired result: for a clear contour, use a pencil and a brush, for a slight blur– blend the product with your fingertips.

Play on contrasts: match glossy lips with matte skin; matte lipsticks– with a highlighter on the cheekbones. In addition, you can use blush or shadows to match– as we already found out, monochrome makeup is also in trend.

Photo: @patrickta