Odin Heimdall

5 zodiac signs that do not like the New Year

  • Posted 1 year ago

Not everyone considers New Year’s Eve the most beautiful holiday. Representatives of the zodiac signs, which we will tell you about, do not like New Year’s hustle, noisy parties, and fireworks. The night of January 1 is an ordeal and stress for them.

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Aries love the holidays, but they hate preparing for them. Of course, representatives of the sign do not slack off and help to cut salads, decorate the Christmas tree, and all that, but they do it without much enthusiasm. The only thing they care about is getting out of this New Year rush as soon as possible. Instead of partying and having fun, Aries would love to stay home, take care of themselves instead of cooking, and then get a good night’s sleep right after the chimes.


Gemini signs have an ambiguous attitude toward the New Year. They simultaneously want to spend the holiday in the company, but not in a huge and noisy, but in a close and cozy circle. People of this sign want to have fun, but there is always something holding them back. Gemini literally has to force themselves to be collected and organized in the New Year. They make a plan in advance to buy a festive outfit, a Christmas tree, and a visit to the guests. Otherwise, they can forget about everything and score on everything.


Virgos know how to spend the holidays in the company in a friendly and interesting way. However, they are always wary of boisterous fun. They are not very comfortable going out to blow up fireworks and being among strangers who also blow different crackers and firecrackers into the air. Such a pastime drives representatives of the sign into stress. This is the main reason why Virgo people don’t like New Year’s Eve very much. It is too noisy, drunken and dangerous. To at least somehow avoid such fun and not leave the house, Virgo tries to distract and entertain guests with games prepared in advance – it can be board games or some interesting New Year’s divination.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are real conservatives. For them, it is important that everything on New Year’s Eve was according to tradition: the Christmas tree, tangerines, champagne, and Olivier, of course. Scorpios know in advance with whom and how they will celebrate the holiday, so any uncoordinated changes can knock them out. For example, if any of the invited guests bring with them unannounced. Also, Scorpios can be upset by the absence of the usual foods on the holiday table. It is important for them to control everything, and the New Year is a too chaotic and unpredictable holiday. Therefore, representatives of the sign do not like it very much.


Aquarians, don’t like to dust their eyes and prefer a small circle of friends to noisy companies. A big party is not for them. Even on New Year’s Eve Aquarians do not want to be like everyone else – drunk and infantile. It is more important to talk heart to heart with people close to them – to tell about themselves, to learn what residue they had from the past year. Representatives of the sign like to look at fireworks from the window, but not close. Because they do not really want to leave the warm and cozy atmosphere for the sake of street salvos, which, moreover, are also dangerous. Such fun for Aquarians is incomprehensible.