Odin Heimdall

5 reasons why every man should visit a barbershop

  • Posted 1 year ago

In the life of every man there comes a moment when he looks in the mirror, hears “Well, is it okay?” and realizes that it is not okay at all. A schoolboy’s hairstyle, or, even worse, barcode bangs have never beautified anyone– they only add absurdity. After all, a good, neat hairstyle will make any person more solid, emphasize his individuality and sense of style.

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Here are five reasons for every man to visit a barbershop.

1. Men’s atmosphere

What is a barbershop? Barbershop is a men’s hairdressing salon. This means that such establishments are, usually, created by men for men. In such salons, they try to come up with an original concept that will not only amaze and catch but also make customers feel comfortable and cozy.

The secret lies not in the banal “Here we are cutting a hair, here is a chair — sit, tilt your head”, but in the combination of interior details, music, smells. They try not to overload such an atmosphere, make them as restrained as possible. Because of all these nuances, you come to a barbershop not only for a service, but also for a unique male atmosphere.

2. Shaving the old-fashioned way

A straight razor isn’t all that dangerous in the right hands. Therefore, if you still have masculinity, you want thrills and a high-quality shave, you should not order a razor with instructions online — you better go to a barbershop.

Masters of their craft will not only acquaint your face with cold steel but also arrange a shave that no modern machine is capable of.

Shaving with a straight razor is a fascinating process that requires maximum concentration. After all, if you tilt the razor too much or do not change the angle at all in certain places (in the corners, dimples, and above the upper lip), then you can cut yourself! Definitely, every man needs to know what a straight razor is, for several reasons: perfect stubble removal, less skin irritation, pleasure from the process.

3. Service

In such establishments, they try to remove the division between the client and the barber, so each guest feels comfortable and calm, and the barber is comfortable working.

Hairdressers in these salons specialize in men’s haircuts, so you can be sure of quality and style. Masters work with men’s hair, better understand their structure, advise and help with a hairstyle that will fit better and less demanding in care.

4. New acquaintances

The atmosphere of barbershops is so pleasant and harmonious that neither the client nor the master wants to get out of there as soon as possible. It turns into … a special men’s club. Some like to go to clubs, others — to go fishing. It’s time for barbershops.

In this place, you will definitely make new acquaintances, and believe me, they will not disappoint you. After all, in such places, you will definitely not meet a lover of cheap beer behind garages. Here you will meet men who take care of themselves and have an understanding that appearance is one of the important things in a person’s life. Men who appreciate the detail in everything. Men who know what they want out of life.

5. Personal care

Do not think that a hairstyle from the best barber in a barbershop will fit you perfectly anytime, anywhere, at any time of the day and in any weather. Yes, many hairstyles can be shaped with a slight flick of the hand, but a little grooming won’t hurt. In the salon, the barber will instruct you on what to do with the hairstyle, tell you about your hair (whether they are sick or healthy, the degree of envy towards them), and will give recommendations on special cosmetics.

Then your hairstyle will keep a great look for a long time, and your hair will stay on your head for as long as possible. Now, most barbershops can sell special products, and some even make them.