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What Zodiac signs can never get along with each other

  • Posted 1 год ago

Although they say that opposites attract but not in this case. These 5 pairs of zodiac signs are unlikely to be together for a long time.

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Aries and Cancer

In the relationship between Aries and Cancer, the following situation is likely: since Cancer, in general, is an insecure sign, he may constantly need approval and increased attention. In this case, Aries will have to spend its time only to convince and reassure Cancer, resulting in Aries getting tired and alienated.

Aquarius and Taurus

Taurus likes to take it easy and is usually calm in their approach. Aquarians, like to go on adventures, disobey norms, do things their own way and never get bored.

Capricorn and Sagittarius

Capricorns are determined and hardworking. They are dedicated professionals and don’t mind working toward their goals, while Sagittarians just want to enjoy life, explore the world around them, and have fun.

Virgo and Libra

Humor and wit – Virgo’s second nature. They are realists, so they use humor to defuse the situation, while Libra are dreamers. They are incredibly optimistic and firmly believe that anything can happen.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo’s are always on the lookout and need company. They like to be the center of attention and tend to dominate most conversations and relationships. Scorpios, on the other hand, prefer to be in the background and take their time opening up to people.

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