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The shadow under the arch: makeup artists found a way to make eyebrows visually thicker

  • Posted 1 год ago

It is easy to achieve fashionable bushy eyebrows (for example, with soap or transparent gel). But how to make them even visually wider is a question. Fortunately, makeup artists have found a way, but it has nothing to do with eyebrows…

The eyebrows are one of the main accents in the makeup– only their styling changes. This season the most topical are wide, “fluffy” eyebrows that look like bird’s wings.

If the eyebrows’ makeup is very easy (the main thing is to find the right style!), it is very difficult to make them larger using makeup. The Shadow Brow technique, which involves the application of brow powder under the arch, helped to solve the problem.

Yes, yes, that way you get a natural shade that will create the illusion of wider eyebrows. “If you want your eyebrows to look as thick as possible, you need to ‘recreate their behavior,’” says Anastasia Soare, CEO and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills. That means you’ll need two shades of powder for your makeup.

“Start by drawing the outline of the arch-use a powder that’s one or two shades lighter than your eyebrows. Then apply a darker shade to them,” says eyebrow guru Anastasia Soare. The technique helps create a slight blur effect that keeps the retracted eyebrows from looking too harsh. “It’s a great way to achieve natural, bushy eyebrows with a soft transition,” Soare concludes.

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