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Anti-gloss: matte manicures are the top trend for autumn 2021

  • Posted 1 год ago

Guessing the autumn/winter nail polish palette isn’t difficult – every year it varies around pastel, plum, and navy shades. But this time, manicure masters decided to really surprise us by suggesting a matte finish for the new season.

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Matte manicure claims to be the new classic. Just imagine how harmoniously such a coating will be combined with a velvet skirt or a tweed jacket.

photo @betina_goldstein

With a matte finish, even the color of the varnish is perceived differently. Black looks even bolder and pink looks much more expensive. In principle, you don’t have to do away with shimmery textures to support the trend. You could, for example, use a shimmery lacquer to create a shimmery pattern or paint a hole in the floor.

Since total matte has only recently become popular, there are no restrictions on your choice of shades. However, it’s worth noting that all the ‘noble’ colours, especially wine, black, red and white, will be relevant in the new season.

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