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Time for yourself: 7 tips to turn a shower into a ritual

  • Posted 1 год ago

In autumn, not only the face but also the body requires special care. The skin is exposed to dry air, dust, and wind. All this can provoke dry skin. Taking a shower is the perfect time to start taking care of yourself.

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Psychologists say that it is in this space that a person feels harmony with himself. You are as relaxed as possible under hot streams of water. Therefore, a routine procedure can be easily turned into a real spa ritual.

1. Turn your shower into an aromatherapy

To do this, choose products with aromas to suit your taste and mood. Smells can be chosen according to the season: citrus for summer, intense for cold days. The right products cleanse and moisturize the skin thanks to the natural oils in the composition, and the pleasant aromas make showering a daily habit of self-care.

For example, a shower gel with apricot kernel oil can help firm up your skin. This ingredient also has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.

2. Use scented candles

For incorrigible aesthetes, we can suggest using candles instead of the usual lighting. They will help you, even more, relax and create the appropriate ambiance in the bathroom. With the help of scented candles, you can create an amazing composition suitable for any mood.

3. Try a contrast shower

About 70% of women prefer warm showers. But for the sake of health, you can try contrast — it increases blood circulation and can improve skin tone. After exercise, it promotes muscle regeneration.

To start, gradually move from comfortable warm water to cool water. Do not immediately turn on the maximum contrasting temperatures — this will bring unnecessary stress to the body, and hot water can dry out the skin. The optimum temperature is 35-38 degrees.

4. Don’t forget the sponge

When choosing a washcloth, be guided by your own needs and skin type. For a delicate cleanse, choose nylon bow sponges or natural marine sponges that can be used every day.

The tougher flax and sea nettle options should not be used all the time — twice a week is enough.

Always control the pressure to avoid injury to the top layer of the skin

Do not forget to change sponges made from natural materials every two months and from synthetic materials every five months. Also, treat them with an antiseptic or machine wash once a week.

Take care of moisturizing while deep cleansing your skin with a sponge. Take a closer look at almond oil products. It prevents skin dehydration by regulating its water balance and has a tonic effect.

5. Try non-obvious beauty tricks

Some beauty treatments are best done immediately after a shower — this can make the process easier and last longer. For example, try wearing perfume — damp skin retains the scent longer, and there will be no stains on clothes.

Also, immediately after the ritual in the bathroom, you can apply creams and lotions, because the skin saturated with moisture absorbs the product better — it penetrates the cells faster and actively moisturizes the epidermis. Nail care can also be postponed until after. Water softens your nails and cuticles, making it much easier to trim them.

6. Save time

If you want to spend time efficiently everywhere (even in the shower), you can combine this process with additional beauty treatments. You can apply a mask to your face before starting to save time. But do not forget that it is better to spend on water procedures no more than 10 minutes, so as not to harm the skin and protect the environment.

7. Protect your skin

Hot and hard water can destroy the natural moisturizing coating. Violent hygiene will harm the skin, even negating the moisturizing phase of using a body cream.

To prevent this from happening, discard the abundant foaming products with SLS in the composition. Use hydrophilic oils whenever possible. If the skin has special needs (irritated, prone to inflammation), after taking a shower, you can use decoctions of herbs — chamomile, calendula, celery root.

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