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5 tips from the expert: how to properly comb your hair

  • Posted 1 год ago

The simple procedure involves many nuances that affect the quality of hair, the speed of its growth and the beauty of the style. The expert told us about how to brush your hair correctly.

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Choose the right comb

The hairbrush, a big, wide comb with plastic teeth, is the actual combing part. The cheap ones tend to sharpen and scratch the scalp, causing it to split.

Other combs are used only for styling:

Brush – to create volume and a coarse wave;

Fishbone comb – for volume at the roots;

Slick combs with teeth in a row – for clever partings.

Use a leave-in conditioner

Especially if your hair gets tangled. Apply it to towel-dried hair and, without waiting for it to dry, begin gently combing from the ends. Don’t tug or fidget! If the knot does not unravel, add another squeeze or two.

Comb while blow-drying

Hair looks like herringbone under the microscope, and it’s important to smooth out those scales when blow-drying. Hold the hairdryer so that the airflow is tangentially downward. In addition, help the comb, as if “polishing” the hair. In addition, smooth out the ends with a brush comb.

Massage your scalp before going to bed

Make at least 30 movements with a comb. You can kill two birds with one stone: improve hair growth and prevent hair from tangling and damage at night.

Don’t brush when you shouldn’t

There are some hairs that don’t need a comb: after a balm or a mask, they’re easy to comb through with your hands. If that’s the case, blow-dry it 80% with a hairdryer before styling it with a brush.

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