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Worth knowing: 5 myths about barbershops

  • Posted 1 год ago

Have you been planning to go to a barbershop for a long time, but can’t make up your mind? Is it because of the stereotypes that stuck in your head? In this article, we’ve asked Olga Ivanenko to dispel popular myths about barbershops and tell you what you need to know about before your first trip to a men’s hairdresser.

Myth 1: Barbershops are very expensive

In my opinion, this is an erroneous opinion, there are many beauty salons in which the prices for the same men’s haircuts are the same, and somewhere even higher.

Myth 2: Barbers do monotonous haircuts

There is such an opinion, but in most cases, it is not the barber who decides what haircut to do. Most often, the client comes with some kind of vision of his hairstyle, the barber in this case only discusses some features of hair growth and the shape of the skull and gives advice on whether to do this haircut or not.

Myth 3: Haircut takes a looong time

If a new client comes to a barbershop, then perhaps it may seem so. But for the first time, all the details of the haircut are discussed, the barber examines the client’s head. The haircut itself after all the discussions and shampooing takes an average of 30 minutes.

Myth 4: Chemicals (too perfect, as if painted beards, are achieved exclusively with the help of chemicals)

Difficult to answer this question. There are wonderful genes in which the beard grows thick and beautiful and the barber needs only to remove all unnecessary things so that the client does not look like a goblin.

There is another kind of beards that are achieved with the help of paint, but this is the client’s desire. Or if we’re talking about a photo, it can be Photoshop for a more beautiful picture to help attract new clients. In my practice, I work with what nature has awarded, and ennoble it.

Myth 5: Barber is an exclusively male profession

If we go into the history of the emergence of barbering, back then it was so. At the moment, more and more girls are mastering this profession. And I believe that there is nothing terrible in this, rather, on the contrary, I see only a plus. The client can choose who will be his barber.

There is a category of clients who cut their hair exclusively at male barbers, and there are those who prefer girls. In my practice, there were many cases when they wanted to get to a male barber, but they got to me and became my regular clients. It’s about the skills of the barber, not the gender.

What you need to know before your first trip to the barbershop:

First, choose a haircut. Long hair is easier– you can make any hairstyle from it. But if you have previously cut your hair to the right length and decided to try shorter hair, you will have to wait until your hair grows back to the desired length.

Second, you can sign up for a barbershop and ask the barber to adjust the haircut so that your hair looks neat.

Third. Choose the right barbershop near you. Don’t forget to go through reviews, discounts, and offers. Pick your preferred date & time, and see you soon!

Olga Ivanenko, lady barber in Narva

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