Odin Heimdall

It says on the mask: a mask has been invented that glows when a virus is present

  • Posted 1 year ago

Japanese technology, as always, amazes with its creativity. A team of scientists at a Japanese university has developed a special protective mask. It begins to glow when virus particles are deposited on it.

This invention, according to its authors, can become a comfortable analog of express test for coronavirus and quickly warn about the fact of infection.

Scientists have helped to develop such a novelty – ostriches. The fact is that these birds are capable of synthesizing several types of antibodies to the virus. Researchers injected its inactive particles into female ostriches and then extracted antibodies from the eggs laid by birds and placed them in a special filter on the mask. The trick is that if the virus is present in the body and its particles get on the filter, it begins to glow under the light of an ultraviolet lamp.

All 32 participants in the experiment whose masks began to glow confirmed the presence of the coronavirus with an additional PCR test.

At the moment, scientists are planning to expand the experiment and involve more volunteers in the study. If the expanded trials are successful, the innovative mask tests will go on sale.