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"Smoky" blond: how is it different from ash blond?

  • Posted 1 aasta ago

Today, the beauty industry offers us many ways to go blonde. The most stylish option for the cold season borders on the already familiar ashy coloring, but still has its own characteristic features.

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The key feature of this season’s popular “smoky” coloring is the presence of gray highlights on blond hair. “It’s a monochromatic ashy shade that works best for those with very dark natural hair color,” says Redken colorist and brand ambassador Ryan Pearl. Because it’s not really a light coloring, it involves a variety of undertones, from platinum to icy.

photo @hairbysummerl

“It’s a great option for going from summer blonde to fall blonde,” says Jennifer Korab, celebrity colorist and founder of Renaissance Salon & Spa. Due to the fact that your current hair color is likely brighter– achieving a smoky blonde in one visit won’t work. “The key to creating the perfect smoky-blond shade is to lighten your hair as much as possible– this will take away the extra ‘heat’ and add more ashy tones,” Ryan Pearl continues.

Despite the complexity of the technique, it is much easier to take care of this shade than ordinary blonde. You can simply use products from the line for colored hair, or opt for purple shampoo– it will help to avoid the appearance of unwanted warm copper shade.