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Dual initiative: 5 facts about recycled plastic cosmetics packaging

  • Posted 1 aasta ago

We will tell you why in 2020 it is still important to choose cosmetics by packaging (but not in the way we are used to).

Personal care and make-up are the most important part of the daily life of each of us. With the help of cosmetics, you can not only improve your appearance but also convey values ​​– today, first of all, this is respect for the planet. Many beauty brands have been dealing with environmental issues for a long time. Reducing the use of plastic is one of the priorities of eco-friendly cosmetics.

Ecologists believe that we have reached a critical ecological point, since there are already gaps in the protective shell of the Earth. Products that are packed in plastic bottles only make the situation worse.

How to recognize eco-friendly cosmetics

Labels on cosmetics (namely triangles, circles, arrows, and numbers) can tell you whether a cosmetic package is ready for recycling.

  • A triangle with a number indicates that this type of plastic is recycled. It is important to understand that only bottles with numbers one, two, four, five, and six are suitable for processing. “Seven” is a plastic of unknown origin, and “three” gives off dangerous chlorine.
  • The “Green Dot” sign — arrows resembling yin-yang – indicate that the manufacturer paid for the recycling or disposal of the packaging. This system works in European countries.
  • Mobius loop is a sign that indicates that the packaging is made from recycled or recyclable material. If a figure is indicated next to it, then it can be used to determine what proportion of processed raw materials is used as a percentage.

What you need to know about “green” cosmetics

1. 70% of the waste in the beauty industry is packaging

There are tons of plastic floating around in the oceans. Plastic eco-packaging can deal with the problem. It is recyclable or already contains recycled plastic.

Think about it: every time you throw plastic into special waste sorting bins, you give it a second life. It is this material that manufacturers use to make new bottles.

By the way, some brands not only encourage customers to hand over used containers but are also ready to reward for such an initiative, for example, donate miniatures of funds or even full-size cosmetics.

2. The philosophy of zero-waste packaging has clear principles

Zero Waste is a social movement that applies not only to the beauty industry. The approach is based on five principles:

  1. Refuse
  2. Reduce
  3. Reuse (reuse)
  4. Recycle
  5. Rot (compost).

3. Eco-friendly — not equal to vegan or cruelty-free

It is important to understand that only cosmetics that fully meet the interests of ethical production fall under the definition of “green”. That is, the eco-friendly label does not mean that the cosmetics are organic and do not contain synthetic substances.

Also, do not confuse zero-waste cosmetics with Vegan or Cruelty-Free: the first, unlike the second, may contain components of animal origin (for example, beeswax or gelatin).

4. To find eco-friendly cosmetics, you need to learn to read labels

The bad news is that there is no single global database where all eco-friendly brands would be collected. But there are certificates that you can trust, as well as bloggers who scrutinize this issue and send requests directly to brands for verification.

Usually, a person who wants to buy eco-friendly cosmetics has two scenarios:

  1. The first is to study each brand that interests him according to its zero-waste status. Find out where it comes from, in which countries it is presented, perhaps ask the manufacturer for testing protocols. However, when hundreds of brands are presented on the shelves, it is rather difficult to delve into all these details. You can use special mobile applications, but you need to understand that there are not many brands represented in the country, and there are certain errors — the status of some brands is displayed incorrectly.
  2. Visually familiarize yourself with the eco-friendly certificates on the label, subscribe to bloggers who have already drawn up black and white lists, and focus on their knowledge. For example, you can follow blogs like Cruelty-Free Kitty, Logical Harmony, and Marpeta.

5. The transition to eco-friendly cosmetics is better smoothly

The main thing is not to try to switch completely to eco-friendly cosmetics at once, but to find brands that you like and gradually replace certain positions.

Now, before you buy the most beautiful highlighter in the world, study this issue in detail, and only then deliberately make a purchase (this will also save you from impulsive spending).

The market is already saturated with eco-friendly products, so choosing such cosmetics is not difficult at all. There are a large number of brands in all price segments, so every girl will be able to find something for herself.