Tennis, yoga, pilates: which sport suits you according to your zodiac sign

If your girlfriend enjoys boxing and you don’t enjoy it, that’s okay. To enjoy sports activities, they should be selected according to your temperament.

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With the strength of character and boundless energy, you need to test yourself, testing your physical capabilities for strength. Aries is a speed lover, you like it when everything moves fast. As a good leader, you are built to lead a team. You enjoy competing in combat and all high-speed sports that give you an adrenaline rush.

Recommended sports: car racing, motocross, cycling, surfing, skiing or boxing.


You have a rather calm personality, while you are “hot” inside. You need to let off steam and relieve stress because you take everything to heart. That’s why you need a sport that combines concentration, calmness, and relaxation. You should never rush or go against your will, otherwise, you will quickly give up. You love to create and do things at your own pace.

Recommended sports: judo, golf, yoga.


As the most sociable sign of the zodiac, you need communication, it is important for you to share and move with it. You don’t have to stand still, you need to be part of the team. A sport in which you can talk, move and get your mind to work at full capacity makes you happy and rejuvenated.

Recommended sports: capoeira, modern dance, hip-hop, tennis, ashtanga yoga.


Cancers are more creative and artistic than athletes. For you, sport is a way to release emotions and listen to your body. No aggression, you follow the feelings. You need to feel connected to nature. The sea is your vital need, second nature.

Recommended sports: swimming, yoga, running, water aerobics, dancing.


Leos prefer sports that attract the attention of others and can highlight their talents. As for team types of physical activity, Leos will only do this if it is of personal benefit to them.

Recommended sports: basketball, golf, surfing or snowboarding.


With an unprecedented level of concentration, you love everything that is done clearly, but your perfectionism sometimes prevents you from taking full advantage of the sport’s benefits. You are reserved and tend to do things on your own.

Recommended sports: hatha yoga, fencing, archery.


Your well-being is essential for your mental and physical balance. You rely on light sports that are more relaxing than stressful. Having a good time with your partner or friend is a goal, as well as keeping your body in good shape.

Recommended sports: yin yoga, dancing, swimming, stretching, pilates, figure skating.


Intensity is the only thing you care about in sports. Feeling, going to the limit, testing yourself for strength is the real mission of Scorpio. You need to feel like your body is working for a reason and you want quick results.

Recommended sports: boxing, elliptical exercise bike, rowing, skyping.


You need wide-open spaces. For you, sports are synonymous with freedom and escape from the hustle and bustle of work. Your communicative energy wants to express itself. You love the feeling of speed and movement.

Recommended sports: horse riding, alpine skiing, cycling, running, rowing.


What is most important to you? Climbing, reaching out, checking yourself. You are looking for the union of body and mind. You are naturally more of a lonely person, and team sports are not your forte. You need to surpass yourself. Capricorn motto: “Faster! Higher! Stronger!”.

Recommended sports: Iyengar yoga, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, golf, walking.


You need to be active and exercise outdoors. Your need for originality and freedom is very important. Your thirst for adventure and your immense energy are just waiting to be released. You are ready to conquer new heights!

Recommended sports: sailing, cycling, horse riding, hiking.


For Pisces, the main aspects are feelings and sensations. You need to feel the fusion of body and mind, and free your imagination and creativity by practicing gentle, non-aggressive, or even constructive and meditative activities.

Recommended sports: pilates, aqua aerobics, kundalini yoga, ballet.

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