“Painful and expensive”: 5 myths about dentistry, in which it’s time to stop believing

Do you have a toothache, but constantly postpone your visit to the dentist out of fear? Prejudice, myths and preconceptions about dental care are widespread. Today we will dispel some of them.

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It is painful to heal teeth

This statement is already akin to a bearded anecdote — in people who are at least in some way familiar with the possibilities of modern medicine, it can only cause a sluggish smile.

Today, you can not only treat your teeth without any discomfort at all but also do it while sleeping. Sedation has long been the gold standard in dentistry. Just imagine, the patient is put into sleep, the depth of which is controlled arbitrarily, and then therapeutic or surgical manipulations are performed.

Sedation makes the treatment not only more comfortable, but also contributes to better tissue healing and a reduction in the rehabilitation period. It is so safe that it can even be used in pediatric dentistry.

Dentistry is extremely expensive

This statement is true, but only when it comes to total rehabilitation — large-scale long-term work that requires a highly qualified doctor, the use of expensive equipment and materials.

Most problems are solved much easier: with the help of partial implantation, highly aesthetic restorations (crowns, veneers, or lumineers), safe whitening. Very often, it is possible to solve aesthetic or functional problems on a budget, so do not rush to draw conclusions on cost without consulting a specialist. In addition, many centers offer their treatment and prosthetics services in installments, which makes them more affordable. Also, dental services might be subject to a tax deduction (return by the state of previously paid personal income tax).

Professional hygiene is the same as home

This is fundamentally wrong. The fact is that at home it is impossible to remove all deposits from hard-to-reach places, clean the roots and polish the enamel, perform high-quality remineralization and lamination. The reason is the specificity of the structure of the teeth and gums, as well as the banal lack of the necessary equipment at home.

The clinic uses intelligent ultrasound systems, special instruments, professional pastes and profile formulations that enrich the enamel with useful microelements. In addition, when you come to professional hygiene, you can get not only high-quality care, but also diagnose diseases in the early stages and prevent their appearance.

Implants are not for everyone

It hurts, it takes a long time and in general, they do not take root well … Have you heard such statements? Now, this is not true. Modern implantology has already made great strides forward. So much so that now it is possible to remove a molar tooth that cannot be restored in about an hour, integrate an implant into the formed hole (if necessary, bone tissue and soft tissue plastic grafting are carried out) and install a temporary crown on it, and the very next day (in extreme cases, after a day or two) you will be able to eat well.

You can whiten your teeth at home

In theory, yes, but at what cost? All home whitening products that are effective at home contain chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide. Both of these components negatively affect the enamel, making it loose and brittle. In addition, you almost certainly will not get the result that the manufacturers promise, the teeth will become lighter only by a couple of shades, and the effect will last no more than a couple of months.

These are not all myths, but it is enough to learn one simple truth: the quality and comfort of dental treatment directly depend on the clinic and the qualifications of specialists.

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