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Spring in the air: 5 things to remember about warm weather skincare

  • Posted 1 год ago

The skin needs care throughout the year: from moisturizing to toning and cleansing. However, the spring beauty routine has its own characteristics, so it should be planned as carefully as a vacation. Even if this season we stay in the city.

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1. Cleansing

The skin of the face is thin and sensitive, therefore it requires delicate cleansing. Especially in spring, when the sebaceous glands react to temperature changes and begin to work more actively. Insufficient cleansing threatens clogged pores, and excessive cleansing leads to disruption of the sebaceous glands. Cleansing “to a squeak” can cause a protective reaction of the skin: it actively produces sebum due to which the risk of inflammation increases.

Do not exfoliate or cleanse your skin more than twice a day — this can disrupt the natural pH and cause dryness. To avoid this, pay attention to products with vitamins and antioxidants in the composition.

2. Toning

The next step, which is better not to be skipped, is toning. The toner helps to even out the pH balance after washing with hard water, softens, and can even moisturize the skin. In addition, the product prepares the top layer of the skin for the next step — hydration. When choosing a tonic, pay attention to the composition — cosmetics containing alcohol can cause dry skin in spring.

3. Moisturizing

Dehydration of the skin is one of the main problems in the spring when we forget about the rate of one and a half liters of water per day. Regardless of what kind of skin you have — dry, normal, combination or oily — you need to moisturize it in any case. The differences will only be in the format of the products, their composition and the frequency of moisturizing.

Oil-based creams are usually suitable for people with dry skin, but for girls with oily skin, it is better to choose light emulsions, water-based or snail mucin creams.

Masks, serums and boosters will also help moisturize the skin. Among the main “moisturizers” that you can pay attention to in the composition of cosmetics are hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin, sorbitol and lecithin.

4. SPF protection

A stage that we constantly forget even in summer, although it is worth protecting the skin from the sun throughout the year. And so, UV radiation exists in the city even in cloudy weather, so take a cream with SPF as a savior.

SPF protects the skin from ultraviolet rays that cause premature aging of the skin – wrinkles, age spots, uneven tone. SPF cream should be applied in a thick layer (don’t skimp) 20 minutes before going outside. Also don’t forget about the hairline, ears, neck and décolleté. In spring, SPF should be with a protection factor of at least 30. Especially if you like to use products with active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and acids that increase skin photosensitivity.

5. Decorative cosmetics

In order not to worry about the “leaked” makeup, pay attention to cosmetics with a light texture for the summer. For example, try replacing your foundation with a BB or CC product, toning balm, or fluid. Instead of sculpting the face with a sculptor, try a mineral powder that contains a minimum of talcum powder.

You can also try cosmetics with SPF, but this is not necessary if you are using sunscreen. By the way, SPF values ​​are not cumulative, and a product with a high factor will provide general protection of the skin.

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