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Tone cream: 3 easy ways to stop using it every day

  • Posted 1 год ago

Acne from the mask, clogged pores from house dust, rashes, and redness from improper diet and stress– it is definitely not worth creating additional stress on the skin during this period. The best thing to do is to stop applying tone cream. In this article, we’ve gathered some instructions for those who still find it difficult to do this.

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During the first lockdown and the subsequent isolation, many abandoned cosmetics altogether, even if daily makeup was a long-term habit. But many still find it difficult to give up the tone for every day, even if they don’t go anywhere.

This tool is not used “for the mood”– often the reason is in some psychological barriers or complexes. Many people use it to hide imperfections, uneven color, circles under the eyes, and pigmentation. But the paradox is that even under the best remedy applied by the skillful technique, they will still be visible.

Mindfulness, the trend for slow beauty and naturalness has taught us that the indicator of a well-groomed woman is not a thoughtful image with perfect makeup and hairstyle, but how she looks after a shower. Check with the mirror– does your hair look smooth and shiny, your skin glowing after bath procedures?

Arguments about the dangers of a foundation can be endlessly given– the formulas and compositions of the creams are being improved every year, many of them even take care of the skin (one of the wow trends is creams with pigments, which leave a very natural finish).

To refuse the tone or not is your personal choice. But if you decide to get off the “tonal needle”, follow our instructions.

1. Get rid of rashes

  • Start by checking the gastrointestinal tract (visit a gastroenterologist), get tested for parasites (lamblia and opisthorchiasis are a common cause of rashes).
  • Visit the gynecologist, she will prescribe tests for the appropriate hormones.
  • Pay attention to the care: exclude “drying” means for washing (with aggressive surfactants and alkali), alcohol-containing lotions, comedogenic oils.
  • Follow the steps: cleansing with a neutral agent, hydrolat (best with anti-inflammatory herbs, for example, calendula, chamomile, sage), cream for your skin type with a moisturizing and nourishing effect (high quality, with the most natural composition).

2. Even out face color

Most girls complain about this very problem– redness and pigmentation force them to pick up a tube of foundation every morning.

Solving it is easier than it seems at first glance– you need to restore the nutrition of the skin from the inside. The key point is to establish the work of the capillaries and blood circulation.

Take a course of special massage with a specialist– he will be able to choose the best course based on complaints. You can do this on your own with the help of massage (for example, pinch or honey); massage with vacuum cups gives excellent results.
In addition, there is nothing better for activating capillary nutrition than a simple bath (but make sure you have no contraindications).

The second important task is to normalize fluid outflow. To do this, you need to work with the muscles of the neck. If they are in a spasmodic state (as in most people today), blood vessels are pinched, lymph nodes are blocked and fluid simply cannot leave the face and neck area. Ask a specialist to focus on working out this area or do self-massage.

3. Get rid of dark circles under the eyes

The close location of the capillaries in this area is often to blame for the dark color of the area. The thinner and lighter the skin of the eyelids, the more visible the dark circles are. Your task is to improve the condition of the skin in this area.

Start with the basics– 8 hours of sleep, drinking (30 ml/kg body weight), quitting nicotine, reducing or quitting alcohol, and supporting kidney and heart health.

From “outside” work– use a high-quality eye make-up remover, do not forget about UV protection, add skincare products containing substances that enhance microcirculation and strengthen the venous network.

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