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Category: Health

Jan 21
Stop drinking coffee: how to give up “dope” gently and find energy efficiently

If you’re a caffeine addict and don’t even keep track of how many cups a…

Jan 14
It says on the mask: a mask has been invented that glows when a virus is present

Japanese technology, as always, amazes with its creativity. A team of scientists at a…

Jan 11
10 effective ways to make yourself drink more water

Let’s tell you how to turn water consumption into a habit. We will not tell you…

Jan 04
Adding flavor: the benefits of spices and seasonings in winter

With the arrival of cold weather, it’s no coincidence that we’re drawn to…

Dec 15
5 tips on how to drink alcohol at New Year’s parties and not to hurt yourself

Everyone understands that alcohol – even the most aristocratic malbec or expensive…

Nov 13
7 reasons why you should do yoga during quarantine

Yoga is one of the oldest spiritual practices, which has millions of adherents to this…

Sep 12
Dreams come true: Ariana Grande announces the launch of her cosmetics brand

Western celebrities continue to take over the beauty industry. Following Jennifer…