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Category: Makeup

Oct 29
Winter is coming: the most interesting Christmas makeup collections 2021

Despite the fact that it’s only the end of October, some beauty brands have…

Oct 07
Getting ready for Halloween: how to replicate the unusual makeup from Squid Game

Repeating the simple but already recognizable image of Kang Sae-byeok. Read also:• 10…

Jun 18
The shadow under the arch: makeup artists found a way to make eyebrows visually thicker

It is easy to achieve fashionable bushy eyebrows (for example, with soap or…

Jun 09
3 best practices: What mascara to choose if you have oily skin?

For the past few days, the temperature in most regions of Europe has been consistently…

Feb 28
Top 5 spring 2021 makeup trends you will be in love with

We consider the main trends of the season and recharge ourselves with the spring mood.…

Jan 01
The main colors of 2021: in makeup, manicure, coloring

We will tell you how you need to look to be in trend in 2021. The Pantone Color…

Dec 11
Soft Girl makeup: 9 steps to a trendy look

This make-up needs to be repeated if you are registered with TikTok. Generation Z…

Nov 17
Dual initiative: 5 facts about recycled plastic cosmetics packaging

We will tell you why in 2020 it is still important to choose cosmetics by packaging…

Nov 04
Tone cream: 3 easy ways to stop using it every day

Acne from the mask, clogged pores from house dust, rashes, and redness from improper…