New wellness trend: video calls with goats in Zoom

During the pandemic, many companies could not stand the conditions of the new reality, but those who are good at adapting were able to earn even more. The owner of a farm in England recently boasted of such success, having improved her financial condition thanks to a creative idea.

Dot McCarthy, 32, who owns a Lancashire farm, saved her business in an original way during the pandemic. Before the events of 2020, the farmer earned money on the sale of livestock products and on excursions, but because of the quarantine, the business suffered greatly.

In order not to be left with nothing, Dot started on Facebook inviting people to chat with their goats using Zoom and Skype. The choice was the show goat Lola, the goat Margaret and the goat Sebastian.

Best deal ever: For just £ 5 you can rent my goat for your Zoom meeting.

The surprise for the woman was that in a short period about two hundred people responded to her ads:

I just posted this on the website to make people laugh in April 2020, at the start of the first wave of quarantine, and then I went to bed and woke up and saw 200 emails.

Interaction with animals

McCarthy came up with different ones: you can pay £5, choose one of seven goats and chat with them for five minutes. For £10, customers can write a note and it will be fed to the goat directly on the camera.

According to the BBC, the service is still wildly popular. Some people donate money overpaying for calls, and so, so far, McCarthy has earned more than £50,000 (about $ 68,000). The idea was so successful that instead of firing employees, the owner of the farm had to hire additional staff, and also come up with several versions of video calls: silver, gold, or platinum.

“During the day, goats participate in 100-200 video calls with people from the UK, USA, Australia, China, Russia, and many other countries. Most often they are ordered as a prank to liven up a workshop or a boring online lesson,” said Dot.

At the same time, communication with animals has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of clients and the balance of hormones in their bodies. Their mood rises, their state of health improves.

According to the farmer, part of the money raised will go to transfer the farm to renewable energy sources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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