How to quickly and safely lower blood sugar

To reduce the risk of diabetes and improve metabolism.

The spikes in blood sugar levels that have a noticeable effect on well-being are no joke. If your glucose levels rise to high levels, or if you are feeling unwell due to satiety/hunger cycles, see your doctor.

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But in any case, it will be useful to know how to lower blood sugar levels quickly, safely and without drugs — insulin resistance and associated diabetes mellitus of the second type: a) unpleasant in themselves; b) are a common cause of complications in Covid-19.

1. Move more

Exercise — like exercising in the morning, relaxing yoga in the evening, or doing a short warm-up in the middle of the day — can help you lower your blood sugar quickly and effectively. Provided that you do them regularly, of course. American nutritionist Arlen Monk reminds: movement is life. “A little is better than nothing at all. But the more the better,” Monk reminds the correct exercise formula.

2. Change coffee to cichorium

If your morning cup of coffee is sacred to you, then you don’t have to give it up. Include freshly brewed chicory on an empty stomach about half an hour before breakfast and ritual coffee (no sugar) in your morning routine. This will not only help to normalize glucose levels, but also prevent its sharp surges during the day, keep hunger under control, and improve the digestive tract.

3. Pamper yourself with oysters

Zinc-rich oysters have a beneficial effect on insulin production, so half a dozen or so shellfish are the best way to pamper yourself with health benefits. If you don’t like the clams, replace them with blueberries. And include cucumbers, cabbage, buckwheat, and radish in your daily menu — all of them help to reduce blood sugar levels and avoid sharp spikes.

4. Snack on nuts

One of the common reasons for a sharp rise or fall in blood glucose levels is improper snacking. If you also have a habit of grabbing a cookie or two between breakfast and lunch or refreshing yourself with chocolate before dinner, you are likely familiar with the classic symptoms of sugar surges.

Meanwhile, it is not at all necessary to radically change your eating habits to take care of your health. It is enough to replace the fast carbohydrate-rich snacks with nuts. They are excellent at lowering blood glucose levels due to their high monounsaturated fat content.

5. Make friends with cinnamon

Cinnamon fruits, cinnamon coffee, cinnamon meat marinade — the more often you eat cinnamon, the better your pancreas can handle insulin production and the easier your body can tolerate sugar spikes. Just don’t get carried away with cinnamon rolls — as a rule, their level of sweetness completely negates the benefits of their spice.

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