4 reasons why reviews DO matter for salons

According to business.com, before buying:

  • 70% of people google information about a prospective purchase.
  • 77% of people make a purchase decision online.

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Just imagine how many of your “potential customers” can book a visit to your competitors just because they cannot find reviews about your salon or the services provided.

Customer reviews are information provided by customers about how satisfied they are with a product or service, as well as their overall experience with a particular company. Their feedback is a resource for improving customer service and tailoring your actions to their needs.

1. They help you build the credibility you deserve

Clients need to know they’re booking a place they can trust for their next appointment, and you need them to know that you are the right choice.

The best way to inspire potential customers to book online with confidence is a series of shining reviews from your happy customers. And it also has an immediate impact, with over 90% of Ello.ee bookings go to salons with 4.5 rating and above.

When clients search online and compare their choices, getting those reviews helps give your company more credibility, creating those all-important star ratings that will give you the edge over your competition.

2. Reviews are the most effective and free tool for your social marketing

Sharing those feedback actively, as well as building up your credibility over time will help push even more bookings every day.

Wherever you can post positive reviews on social media, by email, and printed out in the salon. You will keep yourself at the top of your mind by putting your name (and work) in front of your followers and customers, remind them of your efficiency and even prompt them quietly to book you for their next appointment.

Think of it as the ‘word-of-mouth’ digital version; about 4 out of 5 customers have checked, positive feedback from others at the same level as their friends and family recommendations. It’s the best evidence that you’re doing great work.

3. Reviews are a great way to understand your clients

Reviews are far more than just sharing opinions. They’re also an essential information source, a direct line from your customers to your business. Pay careful attention to what is actually written in both your positive and your negative reviews (they do happen sometimes, unfortunately).

You can see what works in your salon from the reviews you get from your customers over time, which of your treatments are getting the most positive reaction, so you know which areas to work on.

4. Reviews are also positively affecting teamwork

It’s not just the customers who value a good review. Share the great feedback you get with your team, especially if anyone is mentioned by name.

It’s important for your team to enjoy their jobs, feel appreciated, and put their best in, appreciate and celebrate good work. It doesn’t just give them a well-deserved morale boost to let them know that you notice their hard work, it helps keep them engaged in what’s going on with the salon in the long term.

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