Beyoncé’s chocolate makeup and Dua Lipa’s lilac eyeshadows: the best beauty looks of the 2021 Grammy

The 63rd Grammy Awards were significant for several reasons. Firstly, this is one of the few events that was finally held in a format close to what we know from pre-pandemic times. The audience was not invited to the party at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. However, the stars performed on stage and were photographed on the red carpet, not at home. Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Taylor Swift and other celebrities on their social networks told how they missed this opportunity and how they were charged with the atmosphere and energy of the offline show.

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And secondly, this night was triumphant for Beyoncé — she won three major awards at once. Now she has 28 gold gramophones — an absolute record among female performers. Before that, it belonged to country singer Alison Krauss.

As for the looks, almost all the stars this time did without provocative dresses and extravagant makeup. Stylists believe this is a sign of the times: last year everything was abnormal and unusual for us, so now we want something traditional, almost classic, including in beauty. But this trend only benefited the singers: each one looked fresh and attractive.

Taylor Swift

The 31-year-old star returned to the ceremony after 4 years. She opted for an Oscar de la Renta mini dress embellished with silk sunflowers, daisies, buttercups, and hand-embroidered daisies. The look was complemented by pink sandals with ribbons around the ankles and Taylor’s favorite hairstyle — hair pulled up with thick bangs. Neat makeup in warm tones emphasizes the perfect complexion. Bronze eyeshadow, coral lipstick and peach blush are all it takes to look like you’re just back from vacation. Well, small arrows added a little mischief and coquetry to Swift’s look.

Dua Lipa

That evening, the singer was constantly compared to Cher in her youth. Either it’s all about a transparent Versace dress in purple and pink shades with crystals and a butterfly decoration — the pop star also loves such revealing outfits and wears them even now, at 74 years old. Whether in her hair — Cher still wears a parted part and straightens her hair. But, be that as it may, it was impossible to take your eyes off the 25-year-old British performer.

She complemented the image with pink nail polish and shimmering shadows, shaded with a gradient: from silver to lilac and pale purple. By the way, these shades will return to fashion only in the fall, but Lipa is already ahead of the trends. Stylists advise not to dwell on cold tones but to supplement the makeup with nude lipstick and brick-colored blush.


The main star of the ceremony preferred lush curls, large long earrings, a black leather Schiaparelli dress, made especially for her by the creative director of the brand Daniel Roseberry. Gloves with gold nails became the highlight of the outfit.

But the makeup was classic: light brown eyeshadow with a soft arrow and lipstick in a milk chocolate shade. Stylists pay attention to the eyebrows of Queen Bee: no graphics, sharp lines, only a smooth, rounded shape, and good shading – as if nature had worked on all this, and not a brow maker.

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